Australian Champion Abbiestar Aristotle E.T.

Renowned for his strong, powerful, elegant movement, Ari was titled at just 17 months of age. At 14 months of age he entered the "BEST GAITED" dog class at the 1997 HVCV Championship Show under UK breed specialist Jackie Perkins. 

Ari won this class and continued to prove his consistency in sound movement by winning the BEST GAITED Class at HVCV Specialty shows in 2002,2003 under Dr Richard Hilderman, - breed specialist from the USA, 2004 & 2005, and at HVCV Specialty Open Shows in 2001,2003, 2004 & 2005. 

Ari won the BEST GAITED class NINE times in total - a breed record in Australia that to date is still unbeaten and unequalled. He is also a Runner up Best Exhibit in Specialty Show winner, Runner up Best Exhibit in Group winner (Group 2), multiple class in group, class in show winner, and Veteran sweepstakes winner.

Ari finished 1997 at #3 in the TOP TEN Vizslas in Australia.

At six and a half years of age, Ari gained his ET Endurance Test title. Ari is the sire of Australian, American, Canadian and New Zealand Champions. His American progeny have proven themselves well and have earned American and Canadian championships as well as Junior Hunter "JH" and Canine Good Citizen "CGC" titles.

Ari's American born son, American Champion Suzu's Downunder Casanova won a judges award of merit at the prestigious WESTMINSTER dog show in February 2007.

Though Ari is no longer with us, a limited supply of frozen semen is available in New York.

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